Rotkraft® leads the way in infrared heating, utilising patented and cutting edge technology.

Comprehensive Quality Control and rigorous testing reflects our focus on quality, safety and a guaranteed long life expectancy, making Rotkraft® the world’s leading infrared heating solutions. Rotkraft® is part owned by one of the UK’s leading renewable asset management companies with an investment portfolio in the tens of millions and specialising in the latest clean tech investments.


Rotkraft®; are introducing the world’s first complete infrared heating solution to provide internal comfort and water heating.

Our complete solution is the most efficient and cost effective heating technology available on the market.To validate our claims, we appointed a German University who conducted an independent efficiency test report and concluded that Rotkraft’s infrared heating panels have up to 18% higher efficiency than our main competitors. As a result, energy consumption and financial energy bill savings of between 30%-70% are achievable versus current traditional fuel cost.