About Us

In order to support our industry leading technology Rotkraft® have developed interactive and intelligent heating controls which can be accessed and managed anywhere in the world via our purpose built online portal. This software will enable customers to control and monitor all aspects of the heating system and will form a key part of our customer friendly package.

Rotkraft® specialise in the production and distribution of industry leading infrared heating panels designed to be the most economic and efficient heating solution available anywhere in the market. Owned by HPI, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, provides Rotkraft® with the foundations to invest heavily in research and development, production and logistics. This robust vertical mechanism ensures that we can provide our clients with market leading infrared heating panels, backed by extensive and resilient product guarantees.

To reinforce our commitment to developing our system, Rotkraft® will offer a unique infrared water heating solution, suitable for commercial and residential environments. This product will allow customers to instantaneously heat their water to the required temperature without the traditional requirement of either a boiler or water cylinder.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognised as the top Infrared heater brand and preferred partner in the electric heating industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be focused on large scale, cost effective manufacturing to provide cost-competitive, environmentally friendly, high-quality and innovative infrared heating products to our customers worldwide.


Rotkraft’s organisation is designed to make sure that the management and production work together in the most efficient way. Each business sector has operational responsibility for the analogous production concept. Our organisation is very much decentralised. We therefore put strong emphasis on networking between our units in order to best support and manage company resources and synergies. Material administration and technical developments are managed centrally but work largely via local participation.


Rotkraft’s support functions are the background organisation, the administration and infrastructure that are required to keep us running. Most of our support people operate both centrally and within the line of the business operations. Working like this allows Rotkraft® to effectively manage strategic, governance and control issues from one point. It also moves decision making and service processes closer to the business. The support functions provide an important platform for growing our people and our business.

Business Concept

Rotkraft’s business concept includes all steps in the value adding process, from sourcing raw materials to providing applications in homes and other businesses. Our overall target is to ensure cost-effectiveness in all parts of the chain, optimising the infrastructure, utilising our production units and equipment and maximising the yield from input resources at the same time as minimising environmental impacts.

“Our production is concept based and as a rule each unit should focus on one production technique, one type of raw material and one cluster of products or product ranges to optimise efficiency and volumes.”



“We are committed to continual improvement in our policies. Rotkraft® aims to be on the forefront of innovation and drives these issues at all locations where we operate. Rotkraft’s focus on globalisation and growth also includes a responsible sourcing policy. We only work together with suppliers that meet Rotkraft’s core values and working principles.”

Our contribution to a positive social development reaches far beyond our employees. In this way, we are contributing to a social development program. We involve ourselves as much as possible in social issues, sporting and leisure activities and other events. Locally, Rotkraft® is a significant employer and as such has a responsibility as a neighbour, citizen and member of society. We promote diversity, have an open and fair workplace and treat all our co-workers with respect.

Rotkraft®, applies the requirements of our Code of Conduct. In essence, our policies and commitments require that all products must be produced in a very responsible manner. There must be good working conditions, all legal requirements must be met, and a responsible approach to raw materials, the environment and all other resources must be met.

Rotkraft® has set its strict standards and makes sure that these are implemented and executed via both a self-control system and external auditing on our operations.

“Rotkraft® panels have the highest efficiency rate in the market (Tested by a leading austrian laboratory). Our unique technique and the usage of the highest grade materials in the market guarantee an outstanding performance.”



Safe and cost-effective

An expert report from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern proves it.

Modern infrared heating systems are vastly superior to gas condensing boilers. A brief overview of the advantages of modern infrared heating systems. In summary, the experts said:

“As part of a research project, the Technical University of Kaiserslautern has produced proof that modern infrared panel heating, particularly in old buildings, means economical, health-promoting and environmentally friendly heating systems are a possibility for everyone. An experiment not undertaken in the laboratory, but in a field study directly comparing two identically inhabited residential units has now confirmed what users of heating systems like this have known all along.”

This study shows that infrared radiation heating is a sensible alternative to conventional heating systems. Correct use of infrared radiation heating offers advantages in terms of energy consumption as well as in terms of cost and the carbon footprint. Based on initial rough estimates, as the investment costs with infrared heating are only around half the costs for gas heating, the cost benefit is achieved much earlier, possibly even immediately. In the regions there are special tariffs from some providers for what is known as direct heating power. This generally makes the consumption costs of infrared heating immediately much lower than gas heating.



The technology in Rotkraft® infrared heating panels uses polyimides which contain aromatic components in the polymer chain which are suited to very high thermal requirements.

Polyimides are used in electro technology/ electronics because of their heat and radiation resistance and insulation properties, and are popular for use in the especially thin, yet robust enamel insulation of electrical wiring, including reducing weight in aircraft technology.

Copper and nano silver layer the conductive polymer treatment on the copper connection and the special structure of the nano silver layer prevents overheating and sparks (known as hot spots). They guarantee safety even under abnormal conditions or very high surface temperatures.

Carbon fibre / nickel High-quality carbon fibre is combined with nickel in a formula developed by Japanese researchers. During the production process at a temperature of 1,000°C to 3,000°C, the carbon fibre particles are burned and mixed with nickel in a thermal treatment above 2,500°C.

Compared with other material, this formula has greater heat resistance, a lower thermal expansion coefficient and excellent thermal conductivity. No other type of infrared heating achieves similarly high rates of efficiency.

Our applied technology guarantees outstanding safety, durability and not least excellent heat output. Compared with conventional heating systems, installing and Operating our ROTKRAFT® infrared panels are child’s play. The positive effect of our infrared panels means people generally feel the temperature in the room to be 3°C to 6°C warmer that it actually is.

However you will soon find the right temperature to suit you.

Since it is protected on both sides by aluminium plates, the structure of the panel offers a 100% guaranteed protective conductor. Infrared heating panels from Rotkraft® are CE-compliant and have been awarded the GS certificate from Rhineland TÜV. They are also IP 44 rated (dust and splash-water proof).

image 110



Optimum IR spectrum

As mentioned above, it is very important that a radiant panel produces IR rays at a certain high efficiency rate. However, it is of same importance that most of the rays are in a certain infrared spectrum. Rotkraft® has developed with Japanese and Austrian technicians a special formula for its heating element and a unique reflector technique that 99% of the produced infrared rays are in the optimum IR spectrum.

Infrared is electromagnetic energy. It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is comprised of radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays. In the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared falls in between microwaves and visible light waves. Its wavelengths are shorter than microwaves but longer than those of visible light. The prefix ‘infra’ derives from the Latin word which means below. Thus, ‘infrared’ means below red, indicating its position in the electromagnetic spectrum. Red is the colour of visible light. Infrared is invisible to the human eye.

Also the sun produces many different type of rays (from Microwaves to Visible Light and X-Rays, see graph above). Only rays which fall in a certain spectrum (0.75 to 15 microns) do the heating. These rays are called Infrared Rays (A) Near-, (B) Medium- and (C) Far IR Rays. The best and most efficient spectrum for heating is the C Spectrum (Far IR rays, 6 to 10 microns).

Therefore, it is important that an infrared panel heater produces most of its IR rays in this optimum spectrum. Rotkraft® panels produce 99,82% of its output in the C-range and more than 90% of it in the optimum spectrum of it (6 to 10 microns, see test report from Seibersdorf Laboratories, Austria). Rotkraft® reaches this optimum spectrum with a patented formula of a very high grade Carbon Nickel mixture (developed by Austrian technicians) and a Nano Silver conductor (developed by Japanese technicians). All coated by dielectric layer and 100% PE protection. A unique reflector technology emits all IR to one side (no loss to backside, backside gets hot but no IR rays to backside).

Simple Test: Hold hand 2cm behind the panel and you will not feel heat. No IR rays are emitted to the back side through the Rotkraft® unique reflector technology (optical mirror layer applied).


TEST House for Laser, LED & Lamp Safety, Gutachten Nr. LE-G-0035-1/11

(0.78 ≤ ≤ 1.4 μm) (1.4 ≤ ≤ 3 μm) ( > 3 μm)
0 % 0.18 % 99.82 %

% distribution of the emitted radiation in the spectral range


Equal heat distribution on panel.