Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing (LM) is an important part of Rotkraft®. By following principles of LM, Rotkraft® is able to operate at a faster, more efficient capacity which results in cost savings for customers and continued high levels of quality. Following principles are applied:

  • Continuous Improvement Program
  • Quality at the source initiative
  • 5S system
  • Provide yield/quality reports
  • Plant layout material flow
  • Eliminate non-value added waste
  • Visual workplace

Process Controls

In order to sustain quality, Rotkraft® utilises multiple process controls. These controls assure that a quality product is being produced at all stages of the production cycle.

  • In-process data collection system
  • Weekly quality review meetings with use of SPC carts and defect data
  • Receiving inspection – verify incoming product meets customer and/or manufacturer specifications
  • ESD controls, internal and external audits
  • Final electrical test (HIPOT/etc.) to verify components and/or assembly function as designed
  • Internal and external corrective and preventative action system
  • Non-conforming material review (MRB)

Pre-production Quality and Process Controls

  • New Product Introduction (NPI)/Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review process
  • PCB penalisation optimisation for process quality results
  • Custom tooling for selective wave
  • Quality assurance strategy by standard and automated inspection and test
  • Manufacturing readiness review

Research & Development

Together with Austrian technicians and laboratories, Rotkraft® is constantly improving and upgrading the efficiency of the infrared panels. As energy costs are rising worldwide, our aim is to provide economic heaters which work at highest efficiency ratio (transformation percentage of taken electricity into emitted infrared waves).

Rotkraft® is proud to be to bring an extremely reliable end result to customers. Rotkraft® strives to exceed current standards while incorporating customer expectations and industry specifications to create a unique quality system that assures customer satisfaction and product dependability.

Rotkraft’s advanced knowledge creates tight controls for processes that bring customers consistent and repeatable world-class quality products.

After several years of developing and testing, Rotkraft® introduced its own generated high efficient heating element.

Rotkraft’s new heating element is at state of the art – developed together with Japanese and Korean technicians a new element based on nano silver technology (used in high tech applications like Smartphones, high efficient solar panels, etc.). The infrared is produced with a new carbon nickel mix which is conducted by the above mentioned nano silver.

The new system is approved by TUV Germany (GS standard), which allows Rotkraft® to hold leading market position and meet high quality western standards.

In an industry where quality is crucial to the product’s success, Rotkraft® constantly seeks to apply the highest level of standards which generates confidence in the quality of finished product.