Infrared Heating

Naturally warm

Cold feet and hot heads are no longer a problem.

There is no better and healthier warmth than the principle of the sun. The technology for infrared heating was developed in space engineering where it is still being used. Infrared heating works like the sun: the sun’s long waves do not heat the air but heat solids which store the warmth and then radiate it back into the air. This is noticeable when you step out of the shade into direct sunlight where it immediately feels much warmer even though the air temperature is the same. Using this principle it is possible to create an agreeable room environment very effectively – and much more cost-efficiently and pleasantly than with conventional convection radiators.

Conventional convection radiators will soon be a thing of the past. Conventional radiators burn gas or oil to maintain the circulation of water between the burner and the radiators with heat. The heated radiators cause warm air to rise upwards. When it reaches the ceiling it cools down again and sinks to the floor where it flows back towards the radiator. This always makes the area below the ceiling the warmest and the area nearest the floor the coolest, making an even and above all pleasant room temperature hard to achieve.