How it Works

Infrared heating generates a pleasant environment.

Rotkraft® has the leading technology of far infrared panel heaters. Highest efficiency rates and lowest possible energy consumption is guaranteed. What all panels have in common is the unique CARBON NICKEL panel integrated, which performs better than all common used electric conductors.

Infrared radiators make a positive contribution to feeling good. Infrared heating means air circulation in the room is avoided and so house dust, pollen, bacteria and mould spores are not stirred up, something that is especially important for allergy sufferers. Infrared radiation not only helps with hygiene, but increases circulation in the skin, stimulates your metabolism and therefore has a cleansing effect. It is proven that rheumatism sufferers respond very well to less air circulation and stable humidity. Infrared warmth also has the advantage of boosting the immune system through thermal radiation.

Infrared waves reduce the formation of mould because condensation is deposited in cold places. In the building envelop, walls are often the coldest places in the house, especially inner corners. If condensate is deposited for a length of time, then mould is sure to form there. Since the infrared waves from our heating panels heat up the walls, there is practically no condensate there – and so much less likelihood of mould growth.

Our new developed electric conductor, which is more durable than steel, generates the highest possible efficiency rate. Pressed in epoxy ceramic resin, Rotkraft® panels can reach the optimal surface temperature, which give additional improvement in efficiency and therefore saving energy.

Different from existing panel heat generators which simply use carbon paper or wires, Rotkraft® panels use a new concept. Until now, due to the difficult processing and application technology, it is produced only by few companies and only for special individual projects. Rotkraft® improved the existing technology and we are able to offer our new technology at very competitive prices. High efficiency combined with our connection system and patented reflector technologies (100% of produced infrared rays go to the front side) make it possible, that only a very small percentage of convectional heat is produced. This means that all advantages of infrared heating can be consumed and energy efficient heating is guaranteed.

Each panel is equipped with several built-in security sensors to protect the panel from overheating. The structure of the panel (the panel is both forward and backward protected by aluminum plates) guarantees 100% PE protection.

room with closed window without furniture. 3d rendering

Rooms fitted with conventional convection radiators suffer from having dust circulated round with the air, but also have the disadvantage of being heated unevenly. Heating makes the warm air rise to the ceiling while the floor generally remains cold, leading to an increased risk of mould forming.

room with closed window without furniture. 3d rendering

Whereas rooms fitted with ROTKRAFT® infra red panels have a standard uniform temperature throughout. Since there are no cold areas, there is minimal risk of dust being stirred up. Annoying air circulation is also kept to a minimum so microdust particles are not stirred up and allergy sufferers can breathe easy.