Infrared Hot Water Systems

Next Generation Infrared Hot Water Systems

Specialists in harnessing the power of Infrared, we offer a wide range of hot water generators and tanked systems designed to provide mains pressure instantaneous hot water on-demand for both residential and commercial applications.

Combining the technology with the Rotkraft® Infrared Heating system will provide any property with a highly efficient, economical and healthy solution.


IR - 6000


  • Voltage Supply 220-240v – 50/60 Hz
  • Amperage 60A (8 elements)
  • Maximum Output Power 14kW
  • Temperature Control Range 26°C to 51°C*
  • Pressure Range 1 to 10 bar / 100 to 1000 kPa
/ 15 to 150 psi
  • Minimum Flow Rate per Minute 1.8 Litres (0.4 Gallons)
  • Weight 12.2 Kg
  • Cabinet Powder Coated 20 Gauge Steel

* Factory default setting – 49°C

    • Continuous Hot Water On Demand
    • No Limescale Build-Up (ideal for hard water areas)
    • Maintenance-Free
    • Silent Operation
    • Intelligent Self-Regulating Anti-Scald Protection
    • Adjustable Water Temperature
    • Safe Recovery Mode
    • Space Saving, Stand Alone Unit
    • 10 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty (IR-Series)
    • Boiler Replacement Unit
    • No Venting Required
    • Can Be Installed On Internal Walls