Heating control system

Heating Control System

Rotkraft® have developed a revolutionary wireless intelligent heating control system that provides the user with a full visual and total control over their infra-red heating solution. The heating control application is web based which means the user can access their heating control centre from their smart phone, tablet or laptop anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the heating controls communicate wirelessly. As a result, zero disruption is caused during installation and once operational, allows for all data to be wirelessly stored in our dedicated datacentre based in the UK. This removes the requirement for on-site servers which saves the end user money and mitigates the risk of data loss.

The Rotkraft® Intelligent Heating Control System (RIHCS) has been designed to be extremely user friendly whilst also providing control and information regarding the whole infra-red solution. The key features are:

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Climate Control

The user can control the climate for each and every room in the building. Rooms or areas can be grouped together to create zones where heating preferences can be applied to one or more zones.

The most efficient way of using infra-red heating is to keep rooms at a constant temperature. This way, panels only draw power to retain temperature as oppose to gaining room temperature. As a result, the user will find that in Winter months, panels will only be operational for around three hours a day to maintain a pleasant temperature. Another benefit of the efficient way in which the panels operate makes controlling the temperature very simple. Rotkraft® Infrared Heating Panels can be monitored and controlled by our intelligent heating control system which enables users to have full control of their heating system anywhere in the world via a PC, tablet or mobile. The heating control system enables user to:


  • Current heating costs per hour
  • Historical heating costs for previous week, month etc
  • Carbon savings
  • Usage reports


  • The temperature of each room
  • Timing settings
  • Heating zones

The control system also enables most household electrical compliance such as the lighting, television, washing machine, dishwasher etc to be connected and controlled by the HCS. The contribution of electricity from solar panels can also be monitored to maximise usage of electricity from the solar PV system.

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Energy Consumption

The RHICS provides users with extensive information regarding energy consumption including:

Current Energy Consumption per hour Energy Consumption history over previous day/ week/ month Average consumption during different parts of the day Carbon Emissions Carbon Savings Current Consumption VS Status Quo consumption

Financial Overview

The RHICS provides users with extensive financial information including:

  • Current Cost per hour
  • Energy Cost history over previous day/ week/ month
  • Average cost during different parts of the day
  • Savings
  • Current Costs VS Status Quo costs

Fire Alert

If the temperature of a room exceeds 40˚C, a fire alert will be created.

Fault Alerts

The Heating control system has intelligent fault alerts built in which will alert the datacentre when the alert is triggered. This allows our dedicated IT support to remotely identify and rectify the fault remotely.

Software Updates

As newer versions and software updates become available, the heating controls will automatically receive and apply the updates wirelessly.