How It Works

How it works

The Rotkraft® Intelligent Heating Control System (RIHCS) is a brand new technology system that we have had specially developed to go hand in hand with ROTKRAFT far infrared panels.  It allows you, the user to take full control of their heating system from an app on their smart phone or tablet device. Each individual room is shown on the app so the customer can have heat where they require, unlike conventional systems that either turn the heating on or off in throughout the entire building.

The application will provide the following functionality as standard:

  • A mobile compatible user interface, supported on all HTML 5 compatible browsers
  • Ability to see all sites within a customer portfolio
  • Ability to drill in to each site to show the locations within the site
  • Ability to see each locations’ current reading and adjust the preferences
  • Shows historical usage of the heating panels
  • Shows estimated savings for each site against averages for traditional heating systems
  • Ability to contact support for faults via email, text and phone, via the application
  • Provision for an engineering installation screen to configure each location within a site
  • Provision of an engineering testing page to test the installation configuration is correct prior to leaving an installation
  • Alarm – should the temperature of any panel go above a certain temperature
Thermostats are placed in each room and each panel is fitted with a receiver (if required one receiver can be used and can handle up to 64,000 panels). The thermostats takes a temperature reading every two minutes and via a wireless radio system reports the information to the control unit which in turn checks the temperature configuration with the data centre. The control unit then via the same wireless process switches the panels on or off according to the setting. The systems is controlled via an application on any chosen compatible device. The data is held and can be used to show the performance of efficiency of the panels and the electricity use. We have tested the system at length and the results and subsequent data capture are astonishing.
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